Company Profile



DUK was established in 1925 by the engineers Karl Dittelbach und Kurt Kerzler in Leipzig, East Germany, producing switchgear, slip ring bodies and cable drum for the upcoming industrial mining of borwn coal.



The increasing of cummunistic influences in East Germany made necessary a flight to West Germany. Since 1955 DUK is located in Giessen (60km north of Frankfurt), Germany.



DUK produces in its own buildings reliable and safe electrical switchgear and monitors for heavy duty applications like on belt conveyors of raw material industries, cranes or ship locks. The main products are pullcord switches, conveyor belt misalignment switches, heavy duty limit switches, geared limit switches and speed monitors. The all have their Preferential Origin in Germany. Our company is certified as AEO.



Many patents protecting our technical details are the result of our cutting edge solutions.


Company Policy

DUK is still family-owned in third generation, never loosing sight of the traditional values like long lasting quality. Since the beginning in Giessen DUK lives and produces according to the essential demands of todays quality standards. The profund technological knowledge of DUK's longstanding skilled staff enables individual support. In junction with DUK's very high production depth tailor-made solutions are their daily routine.