Application fields

Our products find application in demanding traditional, modern and sustainable industrial applications. Quality pays off! 


Versatile and reliable!

Our production program is used in the field of electrical crane and hoist equipment and theater stage technology. Furthermore in steel hydraulic engineering for locks, ship lifts, weirs and sewage treatment plant equipment. This is extended by our belt monitoring equipment program in light and heavy series. One can always rely on the precise and reliable execution of our products – based on many years of experience.


Switchgear for monitoring conveyor belt systems for transporting bulk materials (gravel, fertilizer, iron ore, coal and more).


The movement of the harbour cranes on rails is limited by lever limit switches from DUK.

The use of the gates of locks for tide-independent basins are secured by geared limit-switches.



Switchgear for the precise control of movements, e.g. in the area of lock gates, ship lifts and bascule and lift bridges.


Safety installations for flood barriers and gates along major rivers.

In the Munich undeground network, certain tunnel tubes can be closed off with gates, so that in an event of heavy rain othe rtubes cannot be flooded throughout them.


In hydroelectric powerplants geared limit switches and lever limit switches are used for safe opening and closing of the water gates of underground water tunnels that guide the water into the higher-lying reservoirs and back downhill into the turbines to generate electricity.


We offer safety devices for waste incineration plants, composting facilities, wastewater treatment plants and for regulating turbine inflow into hydropower plants


We offer solutions for the safe discharge of drilling material and rock overburden, etc. 


We offer switchgear to ensure safe feeding of plants, local relocation of biomass or coal in power plants, safe and accident-free operation of industrial crane systems, etc.

We offer safety solutions for special applications. For example, for raising and lowering the Iron Curtain in the Schauspielhaus Darmstadt, The retractable antenna of the TV tower in Ginnheim or for facade access systems.

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