made in Germany

We offer high quality, reliable and durable switchgear for industrial plants and conveyor technology.

Our highlights

Long-life switches for use in heavy-duty applications and under the most extreme operating conditions to monitor and ensure the safety of belt conveyors and equally of the persons involved.

>> Misalignment Switches
>> Pullcord Switch
>> Material Flow Control

Limit switches for safely shutting off the lifting movement of the crane hook and the horizontal direction of movement of the crane in end positions to prevent accidents.

>> Geared Limit Switches
>> Lever Limit Switches

Safe and controlled operation of locks, weirs, dams, flood protection facilities and of bascule bridges and ship lifts. Shutdown in emergency end positions.

>> Lever Limit Switches

>> Geared limit switch

For use in flammable atmospheres and thus potentially explosive atmospheres. Tested according to ATEX and, depending on the variant, approved up to mining areas.

>> ATEX Switches

About us

We are a family-run company in the third and fourth generation that innovatively continues the traditional basic idea of high-quality, reliable and durable quality products.

Since 1925, the company name DUK is a worldwide known term for high quality and durable switchgear for automatic and manual control as well as protection in industrial plants and conveyor technology. Our products, which are exclusively manufactured in Germany, allow individual, customer-specific adaptations due to the highest in-house production depth.

Contact us and we´ll solve your problem!

Our motto: “Special is our Normal”

Safe, modern and innovative

Get to know our certified Ex-proof switchgear for ATEX zones 21, 2 and 22 as well as mining!

Versatile and reliable!

Application fields

Our production program is used in the field of electrical crane and hoist equipment and theater stage technology. Furthermore in steel hydraulic engineering for locks, ship lifts, weirs and sewage treatment plant equipment. This is extended by our belt monitoring equipment program in light and heavy series. Precise and reliable execution of our products – based on many years of experience – can be relied on at any time.

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