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DUK is a third-generation family business that lives by the traditional fundamental idea of high-quality,   safe and durable quality products. 


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DUK is a third-generation family business that still lives the traditional basic idea of high-quality, durable quality products.

From the very beginning, the company has produced with current manufacturing and quality standards. The technical know-how of the experienced DUK staff allows individual advice and support.

Our products, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany, allow individual , customer-specific adaptions due to the high degree of in-house production depth.


Family run in 3rd and 4th generation. We are here for you with pleasure...

Eckart & anke Maas

General Manager

Lara - Kristin Maas, M.Sc.

Assistance to General Manager

Unsere Schalter

Company history

Since 1925, the company name DUK has been known worldwide for high-quality and durable switchgear for automatic and manual control as well as protection in industrial plants and conveyor technology. The programme, which was initially designed for railway lines, has increasingly focused on switchgear over time.


1925 Leipzig | 1st generation
Founded in Leipzig as Kerzler and Dittelbach by engineers Kurt Kerzler and Karl Dittelbach

Program: Slip ring bodies, eletrical accessoires for train lines and cable drums for industrial lignite mining

1925 - 1955
Innovations in the field of German crane construction

Successive chnage of program towards construction of switchgear away from railroad line

1955 Giessen | 2nd generation
Relocation of the company headquarters
  • Increasing communist influences in East Germany necessitate the move to West Germany
  • First occupation of the present production facility in Giessen
    Move to Giessen into own production buildings
  • Re-establishment as Dittelbach and Kerzler
  • Sons Martin Dittelbach and Helmut Kerzler join the company
1955 - 1965
Steady expansion of production and switch program
  • Multiple additions and expansion of production capacity
  • Expansion of the switch program (patents)
  • Design of the housing of the LHM switches still existing today
since 1965
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

DUK becomes original equipment manufacturer for customers like AEG, BBC, Siemens and many others

LHP Switches
  • Additional offer of LHM also as LHP in polyester
1993 Gießen | 3rd generation
Change of management

Eckart Maas becomes general manager following his uncle Martin Dittelbach

1995 Quality management
Quality assurance according to the ISO 9000 series
1996 CNC manufacturing
Automation of production with CNC machines
1996 - 2005
Expansion and differentiation
  • Successive diversification of switch types according to individual customer requirements
  • Establishment and expansion of the network of distributors
  • Development of markets on all inhabited continents
The brand DUK is protected
AEO - certification (Authorised Economic Operator)
ATEX certification
  • ATEX certification of the Ex-protected switchgears
  • Thus it is possible to produce switchgear for zone 21 and mining
since 2018
Fast processing
  • Approved exporter and registered exporter REX (Canada)
  • Fastest possible and flexible customs clearance enables high responsiveness
2021 Gießen | 4th generation
Management strengthening

Lara-Kristin Maas joins company after her postgraduate studies in environmental technologies in Great Britain

Our claim

The future

100 years DUK
DUK is climate neutral
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