Raw material extraction

Switchgear for monitoring conveyor belt systems for the transport of bulk material (gravel, fertilizer, iron ore, coal and more)


Areas of application

Pull-rope emergency stop switches use a built-in snap-action mechanism to switch off the entire conveyor belt even if the pull rope running along the conveyor belt is pulled slowly and hesitantly. Thanks to the restart interlock, which must be released directly at the switch concerned, it is guaranteed that the belt cannot restart at the point of emergency shutdown without prior control. Thus, these switches are essential for the protection of human life.

Belt misalignment switches are mounted in pairs to the left and right of the conveyor belt. Any track deviation of the belt causes the actuating the actuating lever of the switch is moved and switches off the conveyor belt. After the misalignment is corrected, the lever is returned to the neutral position by the internal neutral position and the belt is switched back automatically.

Thanks to belt break monitoring switches, any damage to the conveyor belt is detected and the belt is stopped accordingly. The torn belt is caught on the rope of the belt break monitor the rope of the belt breakage monitor, which is tensioned directly under the belt, and thus triggers the built-in proximity switch.

Material flow monitors control the feeding level of the material transported on the the material transported on the conveyor belt or the interruption of the material flow. In case of unusual displacement height of the dragging flag at the arm of the switch, the switch is reset when the displacement height is again displacement height falls again below or above the adjustable switching point.

Conveyor belt speed switches monitor the speed of the conveyor belt by means of a roller. driven roller monitors the speed of the conveyor belt. If the rotational speed falls below or exceeds the set value, the switch signals this deviation.

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